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Welcome to Electronic Parts Taiwan

Top-Up Industry Corporation’s headquarters are located in Taiwan and our mainland factory is located in China. We are one of the most reputable electronic parts manufacturers in all of Asia. We manufacture wide variety of electronic parts including potentiometers, encoders, switches, jacks, accessories, such as knobs, and customized cables. These are components that you will find in most everyday electronic appliances and information equipment. Anytime one of these components fails or malfunctions then it usually causes the whole appliance to stop working.

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Wide Range Electronic Parts in Taiwan

Top-Up Industry Corporation is not just another electronics company selling a universal remote controls. We are custom designers of electronic parts and accessories. We create unique remote controls and electronics parts that cater to your specific device while giving the exterior a whole new design and feel to it. Top-Up Industry Corporation of Taiwan has a long history of manufacturing quality electronic parts. We are one of the industry leaders in manufacturing custom electronic parts in Taiwan. Our client base ranges to both individuals and companies from all around the world. Whether you need to purchase one remote control or a hundred, we can accommodate any of your needs.

Simply send us an email at sales@top-up.com.tw and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What Our Clients Say

  • Top Up Industries has been providing our company with many different electronic parts for over 10 years, we are happy to work with them always knowing we are getting excellent pricing and the best quality.
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