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Top Up Taiwan is known all over Asia for their exceptional electronic parts’ manufacturing services.

Ranging from electronic parts like phone plugs, audio cables and the likes to sensors and even their bestseller Potentiometer Top Up Taiwan tales the cake when it comes to manufacturing reliable and trusty electronic parts in a wide range of everyday electronic appliances.

September 10th 2015 – With the mainland factory located in China and the Corporation’s headquarters situated in Taiwan, Top Up Taiwan is easily one of Asia’s most important electronic parts’ manufacturing company.

For any electronic appliance’s effective functioning, the parts that make it up need to be of high quality and in excellent working condition. The malfunctioning of any one of the parts can cause the entire appliance to stop working abruptly. However, Top Up Taiwan, specialises in creating these parts that make up a machine or appliance and therefore, the expertise that their team shows is of exceptional quality. They are involved in creating electric parts like phone plugs, RCA jacks, audio cables, phone sockets and even video cables in addition to sensors and potentiometers.

Apart from manufacturing parts of the highest order, they are also driven by their desire to keep their customers happy and satisfied at all times. In order to ensure that both these missions are accomplished, a thorough testing of the components takes place by the team at Top Up Taiwan and only then are these electronic parts supplied for sale to the clients.

Their dedicated research and development team is involved in a comprehensive and tireless research process that enables them to brainstorm and come up with approximately 20 new designs for innovative and technologically advanced electronic parts, sensors and even potentiometers nearly every month. This helps meet the various requirements of different kinds and businesses that a client may be involved in and also pushes the creative and analytical limits of the team at Top Up Taiwan.

Being an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Top Up Taiwan has been providing their competitive and reliable services to clients since 1992 and the safety of these products is their top priority and all the necessary care is taken along with multiple testing to make sure that only the best is delivered to the much deserving audiences.

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